Input Party | event

The Input Party is a (recurring) gathering where various participants share their image archives and together discuss this found imagery. These conversations often result in an insight of how the individual participants approach and treat existing images.

Input Party is an initiative of visual artist Rachel Sellem and myself.

Evidence of the unseen | research project

Currently I am working on an archive of images of the unseen. A research about how the photograph can function as evidence of the unseeable and how photographs direct our perception of reality.

As part of this research I did a reading of UFO sightings at the Hmm in october 2017.

october image curator | editor

The Hmm asked me to be their image curator for the month October of 2018. Every week I provided an image that for me visualizes our current image behaviour and image philosophies. The images were published on the various channels of the Hmm.

Read about all the must sees here .

The Hmm is a real-life Tumblr. The Hmm takes a critical look at the aesthetic, political, technological and social dimensions of contemporary visual culture.

Input Party: a Visual Conversation | research project

In 2017 the Input Party started a four month research project where seven artists were invited to create new work within the concept of the Input Party. During this project the artists investigated notions such as: How do existing images take part in the artistic proces and which role do they play during the development of an artwork? In what way does communicating through images, rather than only through language, influence the conversation between artists? And how does this alternative form of communication affect the translation of a theory to visual expression?

The exhibition A Visual Conversation showed the works and intended to give an insight in the way these questions have influenced the processes of the artists. The exhibition was hosted by NEVERNEVERLAND at the Punt in July 2017.

Input Party is an initiative of visual artist Rachel Sellem and myself.

The Input Party research project is made possible with the kind support of the AFK.

The (photographic) image as an archive | research

In an effort to explore my own intuitive methodology I investigated how intuition works. Working based on intuition for me means working with (un)definable aspects of memory and association. Taking one image as a case study I worked back on how association can establish an image archive within one image. And how from dealing with these archives new narratives can arise.

This exploration was presented in a lecture at the Retrouvailles symposium at Fanfare Amsterdam.

What images have you seen so far? | research

I was selected to participate in the project Open Media Art. With the project the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision facilitated a work period of 8 months and provided 4 makers with a rich source of material from the open collection of the Dutch archive.
My research was an investigation on our role as observers to reveal new layers of meaning in what we see through context and association. In this visual research the historical archive of the institute is mirrored against online image culture.

During this project I also wrote about copymachines, animals and Donald Trump as part of the research:
Selection of texts (Dutch)

This project is made possible with the kind support of the Stimuleringsfonds.

Ansichten Club | club

The Ansichten Club collects, investigates and redirects postcards. This specific medium for tourists has changed function and meaning over time and almost feels useless nowadays. The Ansichten Club researches the postcard and it's history, function and esthetic values and the results are published in zines and on its online bulletin.

The Ansichten Club are graphic designer Byrthe Lemmens, visual anthropologist Jip van Steenis and myself.

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Polarlicht | image duo

Polarlicht focuses on independent and explorative image experiments,
playfully researching the act of collecting, ordering and editing.

Polarlicht = Byrthe Lemmens and myself.
For our various zines visit the Polarlicht website

Share this! art on social networks | head of research

How do you present digital culture inside the museum? Do you install computer screens everywhere? Does digital culture even belong inside the white cube? Or is it better suited to the virtual realm? And what will be the relevance of the physical museum once collections become fully digitised and a new generation of artists manifests itself mainly on the Internet?
This research resulted in a series of three public presentations in the institutes participating.

Share This is a research project by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Het Nieuwe Instituut, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Upload Cinema.

Share This project page

Stills, het bevroren beeld | research

A thesis, a reader and a visual research about the Still as a new type of image.
A new image – 'the still' – is becoming a new material to work with. For normal users as well as for artists. How can we define the still and what are the characteristics and qualities of this type of image? Can the mystery that lies within be discovered?

The video installation 'Documental Environments' was also part of this research.

read thesis online (NL)