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Wet cats that look like aliens | zine | 2017

Zine with wet cats that look like aliens
A6, 32 pages

After I took the image it just disappeared | image installation | 2017

photography by Kyle Tryhorn

Installation consiting out of five image combinations. The images are accompanied by three audio pieces where Youtubers descibe their sightings of ghosts and UFO's.

This work was developed during the Input Party research project. For more info on the project see RESEARCH.

← The work on show as part of A Visual Conversation at NEVERNEVERLAND at the Punt, Amsterdam

What images have you seen so far? | video installation | 2017

photography by Thomas Mutaers

Two-screen videoinstallation, as part of the research for the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, What images have you seen so far? juxtaposes the historical material from the archive with contemporary web images. Pointing out our role as observers to reveal new layers of meaning in what we see through context and association.

← The work exhibited at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Hilversum

The work is made possible with the kind support of the Stimuleringsfonds.

with images from:
ANONIMO AMONIMO, Blindtrack, BokMTv, BoomWow Confetti, CharlieBarbarossa, David Knight,, Erin Marie Hogan, Film Making, FISUTV, Henny Hogenbijl, Ilmãrs Mednis, IvyMUA, Johan G. Hunningher, jsj1771, JW Smythe, Marc Plomp, millepassi, MissMiJackson, Null Void, Orion Lawlor, PLOS Media, Polygoon-Profilti, Stefano Cavallin, Stichting Natuurbeelden, sylvesterm, The Clay Teacher, Veldkijker, VICKYLOGAN, Willem Berents, willkempartschool

Acts of reading | image combinations | 2016

Series of image combinations
← a selection

Turn | image combination | 2016

Two Youtube videos.
watch video

Snooze | image combination | 2016

Two Youtube videos.
watch video

As | image collection

An image collection of online posted pictures of people spreading the ashes of their loved ones.

← published in de Volkskrant 13.04.2016

Poedels & badkamers | series of booklets

An ongoing series of booklets containing images of different objects of display. The images are all found online, the combinations are made by own intuition and they are shown in booklets printed on glossy paper.

1. poedels & badkamers
2. duiven & deuren
3. poezen & nachtkastjes
4. windhonden & zeepbakjes
5. kippen & kranen
6. schapen & chesterfield
7. koeien & pooltafels
8. naaktkatten & noppenfolie
9. cavia's & zwembaden
10. varkens & vloerkleden
11. parkieten & blenders
12. konijnen & fonteinen

Youtube books | series of booklets

A series of booklets each containing screenshots of one Youtube video. Part of the research regarding the still as autonomous photography.

Polarlicht Wishlist | wrapping paper

Polarlicht was invited by Subbacultha to create a wrapping paper design for their wrapping-paper-project. For the design we used the clippings from our christmas wishlist to compose a repeat pattern.

The wrapping paper was distributed to all Subbacultcha members and a few stores in Amsterdam wrapped their christmas gifts in it, such as the Stedelijk Museum Shop and Ace and Tate.

Subbacultcha project site

There is no aphrodisiac like innocence | webzine

view webzine

Webzine containing different types of fetish videos, focussing on the beauty and esthetics of the videos; the practical settings they choose, the materials, lighting and sound. Most striking was the esthetical innocence of these amateur filmmakers in relation to the ‘guilty’ content of these videos.

Aphrodisiac is a self-initiated project by Polarlicht.
The collection is also available on dvd.

In an image | 3 booklets

An investigation of the relationship between two random images.
A series of three booklets.